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Using content marketing to target today’s ‘connected’ teenagers

May 6, 2012

Having grown up during the golden age of digital technology, today’s teenagers are the first generation to have no recollection of a world without mobile phones, laptops, MP3 players and the internet.

These so-called ‘digital natives’ are the best-connected group of consumers ever – and their content consumption habits are hugely different from older age groups.

Some 94% of teenagers now possess a mobile phone; 70% have a laptop; and 23% own a tablet. Communicating through technology and social media is part of their DNA, and they are used to obtaining and sharing information online. Only 19% of them speak to each other on landlines!
Young consumers are a key target for content marketers who want to promote products such as toys, games, music, fashion labels, and high-tech goods. But a successful content marketing strategy requires a good knowledge and understanding of this audience in order to engage fully with them.

Here’s a new infographic which sets out to offer a detailed look at the tech-savvy world of the ‘Millennial Teenager’…

The Millennial Teenager
Courtesy of: Online Schools

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