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Seven myths of email marketing exposed as false

December 7, 2013

by Brian Oliver

How many times have you been told that the words used in your email’s subject line can doom it to the spam folder? Or that the best time to send emails is at a particular hour on a particular day? Or that you should only target the most engaged subscribers?

After conducting a careful analysis of a huge amount of email performance data, Alchemy Worx – a specialist email marketing agency based in London and Atlanta, GA – claims that seven of the most common myths about email marketing are in fact false.

Alchemy Worx’s research has highlighted an urgent need for marketers to re-think much of the commonly cited wisdom about email marketing. The exposed myths include:

  • Consumers are drowning in emails from trusted brands.

Fact:  Sixty percent of consumers receive fewer than six brand emails per day.

  • Consumers like to click the spam button.

Fact:  Less than one subscriber per 2,000 will mark an email as spam.

  • If brands send more emails, consumers simply ignore more.

Fact:  If you send four emails in a month instead of one, the number of consumers who will open at least one email doubles.

  • The subject line can send the email to the spam folder.

Fact:  Keywords have little to no effect on whether an email ends up in the spam folder.

Alchemy Worx‘s infographic below unveils the truth behind email marketing today.


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About the author: 

Brian Oliver is a business journalist and the MD and founder of UK strategic communications consultancy Focus Marketing Communications.


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