Consumers trust branded website content more than ads, says Nielsen report

The growing importance of using quality content to attract potential customers to your company website is highlighted by a new study which found that consumers trust branded website content more than TV ads, paid search advertising, online video ads, or ads on social networks.

According to Nielsen’s new Digital Consumer Report, 52% of the people surveyed said they trust companies’ official websites when they find them through search engine results or other methods. But only 36% of respondents said they were willing to put their faith in PPC ads served up in this way.

The report underlines the fact that consumers are more likely to be drawn to a website containing well-written articles designed to inform or ‘educate’ rather than content that is simply trying to sell them something.

Consumers also have much greater confidence in content on branded websites than television advertising, the report found. Only 46% of those surveyed felt TV ads could be trusted.

According to the report, only 32% said they trust social media ad campaigns and online video advertising. Less than three in 10 felt they could rely on online banner ads, display ads on mobile devices, and SMS ads on mobile phones.

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